Enchantment Stud

Black Enchantment  - Small Horse Black Gelding, Current Height @ 3yrs old 36". Registered IMHR & MH & PE

'Rads' is an exceptional gelding who is always willing to do anything asked of him without hesitation, he is great with kids, dogs, loud noises etc nothing worries this little man. He is a mummy's boy and sooks if im not around giving him lots of kisses and cuddles!

Rads always comes home from the shows with a stack of ribbons and nearly always brings home the sash's too! He is currently being trained in performance and is taking everything in his stride. He has a lovable personality - everyone that meets him falls in love with him even the judges too lol.

Rads was my first mini he came to me as an un handled two year old colt who was a nasty piece of work when he wanted to be - i did not buy him to remain a stallion so i gelded him and am so glad i did as he is everything i could ever ask for in a mini!!

He is entered Sydney Royal 2010.

Pint Size Don Di Marco - Miniature Horse Senior Gelding DOB: 2002 Current Height 33.5". Registered IMHR, MHAA, MH & PE

This horse needs no introduction to the miniature world having been shown as a yearling colt with Denise Warren of Pint Size Stud & then owned and shown by Gardenia Park Stud - he was gelded for their son to compete with.

Marco is always a true gentleman to do anything with & he just loves kids.
He is still an occasional part of the show team and always does well when he comes out - not bad for an old boy who is up against 3yrs & over. Marco is currently teaching my 4 yr old niece how to show minis and they are a great pair at shows.

Special Enchantment - Grey & White Pinto Gelding, DOB: 2006, Current Height 38".  Registered MH & PE

You couldn't ask for a better horse for your kids!!

'Patch' is a special little man who just adores kids and will do anything for them. He has only been out to one show placing 1st and Champion Little Horse Gelding. We mainly use patch as my niece & nephews riding horse which he loves.

Patch was purchased as a yearling and had a bit of a rough start to the world - he was an unexpected foal (the people that owned mum did not realise she was in foal so much to their shock they walked out the paddock one morning and found a new born foal asleep in the sun), his mum died when he was 3 months old from a melanoma, from three months old he was bought up as one of the family - even allowed inside on the wet cold days to sit on the lounge with their daughter lol. He thinks he is human not a horse!

For Sale $1500 neg - only to the best of homes.

Spike - Chestnut with Flaxen Mane & Tail and White Star. 75cm 5yr old Miniature Pony Gelding. Has been registered with AMPS though not current as i have never updated.

Spike came to me with 'Rads' i had to bring him home when i saw him, he was a bundle of nerves and shook when you touched him - he had no confidence in humans.

He is a lovable little man who is still a bit hard to catch but once caught he is good to do most things with and likes females and children but dislikes men. I would love to see this little man out in the ring as i feel he has huge potential and would also make a great harness pony.

Spike is for sale to the best of homes where he will get the attention and time he deserves, he will be sold with the agreement that should the new owners not be able to keep him/want him/etc i will buy him back at the original purchase price.

This little guy is very special and this is a hard sale - only selling due to lack of time and i have decided to pursue miniature horses.

$250 negotiable - Great home is more important to me than $$.

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